auto bubba kush

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Indica dominant    


Bubba K.Pre’98 x WW Auto

Flowering time indoor:

70-80 days    

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:

400-450 g/m2

Lifecycle outdoor:

70-80 days    

Height outdoor:

70-120 cm

Yield outdoor:

50-150 g/plant

THC percentage:


Auto Bubba Kush is an Indica dominant Auto-flowering strain. Auto Bubba Kush has genetics from an OG Kush and a Northern Light. It is a very powerful Indica auto-flowering cannabis strain and gives the user a full body Indica effect. The THC value of this strain is in average 15%. Indoor growers achieve between 400 to 450 gr/m2 while outdoor you can yield an impressive 70 to 120 grams per plant. From seed to yield in 70 to 80 days make it an ideal auto-flowering strain for the impatient user. The aroma is similar to her feminized partner and will give of a true scent of fruitiness and coffee.