auto Magnum

auto bluecheese.jpg


60% Indica 40% Sativa


Magnum x Ruderalis

Flowering time indoor:

63/74 Days

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:

400-500 g/m2

Lifecycle outdoor:

3 harvest per year

Height outdoor:

100-120 cm

Yield outdoor:

100-200 gr/plant

THC percentage:


There are plenty of amazing autoflowering seeds on the market. But there are a few, that stand out above the autoflowering family, and one of these strains is Chronic & Caviar’s Auto Magnum. This strain is all about changing your opinion about the autoflowering cannabis. Auto Magnum despite it’s Ruderalis family roots, will give you an impression of growing a regular photoperiodic plant.

It is not only a fast flowering , 20% THC + cannabis strain, but it also is a cultivar that has reached a level of almost legendary. What makes it so special is that unlike other autoflowering cultivars, Magnum will branch out like a regular photoperiodic strain, it will grow to huge size and will produce a lot of buds! The quality of the smoke of this cultivar will blow away even the most

One again the exact genetic make up of the Auto Magnum is unknown. According to the breeders from the Buddha Seeds company who are believed to have created the strain, it is a cross of three different genetics. The fruity and spicy aroma as well as very much un-typical for the autoflowering strains clear sativa-dominant effects make many people claim, that the Magnum must have some Jack Herer and Haze genetics in it. Whichever the genetic make-up may be, the Auto Magnum checks all the boxes both in indoor as well as outdoor situations. You want to give it a lot of root space (recommended container size 11-18 liters) as it has a potential to grow really big in the perfect conditions. However, it can also be grown in a smaller containers and it still will produce a substantial amount of flowers.

Auto Magnum is not a tricky plant to grow, she will just do her thing and reward you once it’s finished. This strain is without a doubt your most interesting option from our autoflowering seeds collection. It is a big autoflowering plant with big buds, suitable for any condition and at the same time guarantees to make everybody happy.