auto Zkittlez



60% Indica 40% Sativa


Zkittlez x Ruderalis

Flowering time indoor:

63/70 Days

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:


Lifecycle outdoor:

3 harvest per year

Height outdoor:

100-120 cm

Yield outdoor:

250-300 gr/plant

THC percentage:


“Taste the rainbow” is the slogan of the infamous candy brand from the US. The Zkittlez cannabis strain is one of the wonders of nature among the cannabis family. This weed just tastes like candy. The first time you will smell it, you won’t believe that it’s not a real candy but a dried plant. That sweet, candy, citrusy like aroma is just wonderful and it will make you reach for more and more. The smell and the taste of Zkittlez are almost identical which makes it also very special.  The effects of the Zkittlez are mostly full-body relaxation and a sensation of calmness and a lot of happiness and big smiles.

Until only recently the Zkittlez was available only as a regular or a photoperiodic option for growers, but now, also the auto-flowering version is available. This means that even with no growing facility, you can enjoy that unicorn-ride with Zkittlez on your windowsill or a balcony. We strongly believe that everybody should get access to all those amazing strains, but we know that not all of you have the possibility to put up a lamp in your room and you have no tent at your disposal.

That’s why we crossed our most stable and representative Zkittlez mother-plant to our old and trusted Ruderalis and we created this hyped strain which will be very easy to grow and finishes within 10 weeks of the total light cycle. Auto Zkittlez will also give you a moderate yield of the candy goodness.