blue headband



Indica dominant    


Blueberry x 707 Headband

Flowering time indoor:

58-63 days    

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:

450-600 g/m2    

Lifecycle outdoor:

7 months    

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

1000-4000 g/plant    

THC percentage:


This strain represents the “sour” family of OG Kush leaning crosses hailing from California. This strain has been around for quite some time now under many variations and phenotypes. The original  half of the Blue Headband, mainly Headband, has been praised for it's strong high that is predominantly felt in the forehead, hence the name. Headband is believed to be one of the phenotypes of Sour Diesel / East Coast Sour Diesel / Sour D / Chemdog family of strains. You can expect and old school strong happy high with a modern twist. The “blue” in the name stands obviously for the Blueberry. But don’t think that that Blueberry cut is your standard indica dominant, fruity Blueberry, no , the cut which have been used for our cross is a special OG pheno of Blueberry from Northern California. It adds a bit of more dense buds and some fruity shades of flavors to the sour-earthy-piney palette of the Headband.


Our Blue Headband is a cross of Headband and Blueberry , hailing from the gardens of the famous Emerald Triangle breeders. It is a cross of a special Blueberry OG phenotype, that’s not only representative of the fruity berry-like aroma, but also that OG kush earthy-kushiness. Added to it the Headband 707 cross, which is an ultimate sour kush cultivar (OG Kush x Sour Diesel x Master Kush) makes a very potent and well producing strain. The 707 stands for the area code of San Francisco where that particular cut comes from. Even though its real origins are unknown , many are claiming that 707 Headband original cut is in the possession of the famous breeders of DNA Genetics. According to one of the sources at :

“The process began with crossing a select OG Kush phenotype with the Sour Diesel strain. The DNA Genetics team then back-crossed the resulting hybrid with the same OG Kush plant.” The OG kush mentioned above is also known to be Pre 98 Bubba Kush cut which makes it all very interesting.


Blue Headband will grow medium tall, but very bushy with many side branches. LST and topping techniques will definitely improve the yields. It is an easy strain to grow. It can be fed really well. The buds have more of a big fluffy sativa type shape, light green with very orange pistils. The smell is fruity-berry-gassy-earthy. |The effects are also more on the sativa side of things. It will get you creatively active, with that typical for Headband warm-fuzzy feeling around your forhead, which will also make you very happy, smiley and talkative. Blue Headband is definitely one of our most social strains.