Bruce Banner



Sativa dominant    


Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush

Flowering time indoor:

56/70 days

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:


Lifecycle outdoor:

end September-october

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

500-900 g/plant

THC percentage:


Bruce Banner is one of the first of the modern US classic strains that took European cannabis community by storm. This cultivar already known for many years is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Caugh x Sour Diesel,from Reservoir collective) which produces a very potent cannabis cultivar with THC reaching up to 30%.  This cultivar shocked the cannabis community as one of the first of the popular crosses with such a high THC percentage. Hence the name which was given to it, Bruce Banner is a name of a fictional superhero- The Hulk. Just like the green big monster, the Bruce Banner cannabis is simply huge. Bruce Banner is a slightly indica dominant strain with some sativa like range of effects which makes it a stand out. The great size and production of a green mass of greasy flowers also influenced the name of this cultivar. It is with no doubt a real Hulk among the cannabis family.

With the mostly indica genetics in it , kush and diesel genetics Bruce Banner is all about its effects and yield. The pungent aroma is all that heavy cannaseurs are looking for in their plants. The euphoric , forehead melting effect comes with a citrusy, earthy and kushy aromas. One hit too much of Bruce Banner may cause a serious couch-lock effects, so it is not a strain for the beginners. Hence the range of effects  will satisfy a big number of users, and mostly the Kush lovers will enjoy Bruce Banner a lot.

When it comes to the cultivation aspect, the Bruce Banner is relatively easy to grow. With some sativa in it, some phenotypes may stretch to a tall size in the flowering, but with a little bit of topping or LST you can keep their size at bay. She likes a lot of Nitrogen during the growth and CalMag in the flowering. Bruce Banner is therefore a relatively easy strain to grow. This girl really stinks. The proper smell control in your room is very needed.  Due to the enormous trichome production Bruce Banner is also a favorite among the hash, resin, concentrates producers.  For all of you with a little patience, the good news is, that the Bruce Banner will finish flowering at week 8-9. Some phenotypes finished with fully developed trichome glands at around day 56-58 days.

Due to the great content of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes the Bruce Banner can be used medicinally for treating all kinds of chronic pain and central nervous system disorders. However it must be noticed, that the Bruce Banner should be used in moderation, and it is not really recommended for the less experienced consumers.