Sativa dominant    



Flowering time indoor:

70-80 days   

Height indoor:

100-130 cm  

Yield indoor:

450-550 g/m2      

Lifecycle outdoor:

7 months    

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

500-1000 g/plant    

THC percentage:


G13 is an Sativa dominant cannabis strain. Her heritage is unknown. Rumors say it was developed by the CIA, The FBI and a super-secret agency at the University of Mississippi in 1970. A technician stole a sample and started to breed it for the masses.

Even though the story might not be true, the truth is that G13 is a very powerful cannabis strain with an average of 22% of THC. The buds are so dense and compact that it looks more like a rock covered in shiny thrichomes. Indoor growers achieve yields between 450-550 gr/m2, whilst outdoor growers can harvest between 500 to 1000 grams per plant. The aroma of G13 is more citrus, grapefruit and very sweet. The effect is considered long lasting body effect. Some users describe a deep trance feeling that eventually fades into a deep sleep.

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