GMO Cookies



90% Indica 10% Sativa


Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdawg

Flowering time indoor:

63/75 days

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:


Lifecycle outdoor:


Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

550-600 g/plant

THC percentage:


GMO Cookies is a very hot strain! No it is in no way genetically modified as one would expect from the name. The truth however is that the GMO name stands for “Garlic”, “Onion”, “Mushrooms” phenotype of the famous Cookies strain. The masterfully crafted mix of a famed Chemdawg with the Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) resulted in a strain full of those garlic, mushroom, onion type of terpene profiles, that could be traced in the Chemdawg genetics, while the GSC adds more of that Cookie sweetness and longer lasting body relaxing effect.

GMO Cookies are also considered the most potent of all of the Cookie Family strains. It can reach levels up to 35% THC, it is believed to be one of the strongest strains out there, even comparable or pairing the famous MAC Cookies (Miracle Alien Cookies). We even believe that both of those two powerstrains share a lot of common genetics. On the other side of GMO’s genetics is the infamous Chemdawg is one of the most potent strains overall, and the Forum Cut of GSC is known for its amazing trichome production and it also brings up quite a decent yields to the table. Expect a very strong , fast hitting cannabis, that can put a couchlock mode onto you. However GMO is a guaranteed winner when it comes to overall appearance, aroma and effect aspects. It generally produces a lot of dark, purple hues, often almost black leaves, the buds have darker shade and twisted orange hairs.

The smell of GMO is exceptionally tangy, also sweet and citrusy but also got that gassy chemical aspect from the Chemdawg. The flavor is all about its name. When enjoying it pure, well dried and cured, the GMO will leave that weird mix of baked mushrooms with onion and garlic, that lingers for some quite a while after taking a toke. The effects are felt immediately and start in the upper parts of your body while gradually going down to your limbs.

GMO Cookies can definitely be considered a medicinal cannabis strain and it can be used to serve as a solution to many different conditions ranging from the chronic pain to central nervous system problems.