Lavender x Purple Kush



Indica dominant    


Lavender x Purple Kush

Flowering time indoor:

49-63 days    

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:

500-600 g/m2    

Lifecycle outdoor:

7 months    

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

400-600 g/plant    

THC percentage:


This strain is all about the terpenes! Lavender x Real Purple Kush is a real treat for those who enjoy the calming, serene and peaceful effects of the cannabis plant. In the recent years a lot of research has been done on the elements of cannabis that define its effects. We have learned a lot about the influence of certain chemical molecules, essential oils, that give the smell to cannabis, will also have different effects on a user. In the case of Lavender x Real Purple Kush the dominant terpene is the linalool, which is usually present in Lavender and it gives it its characterstic smell, and calming properties. As in the case of this cannabis strain users can expect very calming effects due to the presence of this particular terpene.

Lavender strain is one of the richest in linalool which makes it a really special one. It's other crosses are known as for example a strains called Purple Urkle or Shoreline. However our cross of Lavender used here contains even more terpene profiles than Shoreline.

The other parent is the Real Purple Kush which is predominantly, earthy and piney. One of the most famous Kush strains, hailing most probably from Vancouver,BC (Canada, so called famous BC bud). The combination of both strain produces lavender like smelling kush buds. The most phenotypes will have that particular smell and flavour.

Lavender x Real Purple Kush is yet another easy to grow strain with huge yields. It produces big, long colas, so think about some good support. This strain will finish fast, in most cases it doesn't need more then 60 days of flowering. It is also a good choice for those producing wax, oils, or concentrates because it will provide users with that unbeatable essential oils palette.