nicole bubba kush



Indica dominant    


Nicole x Kosher Kush

Flowering time indoor:

Nicole x Kosher Kush

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:


Lifecycle outdoor:

7 months    

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

400-600 g/plant   

THC percentage:


OG Kush has been getting more and more popularity among cannabis community in Europe. After it being the favorite smoke of US rappers and celebrities for many years, it now arrived for good on the old continent. This cannabis strain offers smokers that typical “kush” experience that is so distinctively different to any other types like haze or fruity indicas. That’s why we find it important to provide you with the wide selection of OG Kush oriented genetics. Next to the diamonds like Wifi OG, Black Dog OG or Lavender x Real Purple Kush, one cultivar that cannot be dismissed or forgotten is Nicole Bubba Kush!

          Our Nicole Bubba Kush is a result of a very interesting breeding project. Everybody familiar with the history of US cannabis knows the name of Bubba Kush. It is one of the founder strains of the real, original OG Kush family of plants. This particular one is known for it's chunky buds, earthy/hashy flavor with that cushiness goodness all over. Bubba Kush is definitely a father of many different OG Kush crosses. However its own genetics are still a big mystery. The closest to truth is that the other part of the OG genetics, next to Bubba is a Josh D's Og Kush, which is also available on the market. The other part of Nicole Bubba Kush's genetics is Nicole (or Nicole Kush). It is also a OG cross originally bred by DNA genetics and containing some famous Jew Gold/Kosher Kush in it, which makes Nicole a real diamond. Nicole x Bubba Kush is therefore your ultimate meeting of two super producers with amazing OG  Kush structures. This cross is providing a typical, induce leaning type of effects that can be described as strong (Bubba Kush dominant phenos) and some more uplifting (The Nicole side).

         Nicole Bubba Kush is an definite Indica type of plant which will not grow too tall, but  if trained well and let it veg for more then 4 weeks it will develop many side branches filled with chunky, dense buds. It is an easy plant to grow, very much forgiving one too.  There is quite a variation within the phenotypes, but the majority are characterized with a good production. Cultivators looking for something really special should pay attention to the late-blooming (65-70), light-lime-green hairy buds that stink like floor cleaning detergent. The majority of phenos will be ready around week 9, sometimes even around day 58-60. But as is the case of many of the OG kush crosses taking them to the day 70 will guarantee full ripeness and hence full production of all the terpenes and cannabinnoids.


         For all of the kush-connoisseurs out there-  if you're looking to add some new potent and interesting OG cross into your collection- look no further.