Gelato #33

This time we are excited to present to you one of the diamonds in our seed collection. If there is one strain, or a group of family of strains representing the best of modern US genetics, it is definitely the Gelato cannabis strain. Gelato #33 definitely represents the best that cannabis world has to offer to us at the moment. Its name means nothing else then a premium quality Italian ice-cream. It is not your regular cheap, supermarket ice-cream, but we are talking the best quality , artisanal, best of the best of desserts from Italy.

Gelato is a strain that everybody is talking about right now. It comes from the most famous cannabis enterpreneurship Cookies Family Farms with a big boss Berner (lnown for his hip-hop work). Gelato comes in many phenotypes, which may have different characteristic but all of them have that one, special, Gelato factor it being a real fire smoke ! Among all the known Gelato phenotypes we can distinguish the Gelato#33, Gelato #41, Gelato #25, Guava Gelato, Bacio Gelato, Gelatti, Biscotti.. All of those strains are the top-shelf quality flowers available at the US cannabis dispensaries.

Gelato#33 (also known as a Larry Bird cut) is a mix of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies genetics . We chose the #33, because it is one of the most potent of the Gelato crosses, as well as it contains all the different terpene profiles that all Gelato/Cookies fan are craving for. The famous Sunset Sherbet strain, that comes out of Sherbinski's gardens (Who's involved in cultuvation for legends like B-Real from Cypress Hill). This strain gives Gelato it's uplifting aroma and effects, while the Girl Scout Cookie part gives it chunky buds, the minty-citrusy-creamy like flavours. The special thing about all the Gelato crosses is, that every time a person smells those flowers, the reaction of WOW appears almost immedietely.

Gelato#33 may be considered as a perfect hybrid. Its well balanced effects are not to be forgotten. Already the first hit of a joint, vape, bong or a pipe will give youa pleasant tingling sensation behind your eyes which later on turns your whole body into a sanctuary of peacefulness and chill out without giving you too much of a couch-lock effect even when smoked too much. Gelato will make you not feel high, it will make you feel amazing!

Cultivation of the Gelato#33 does not belong to the easiest ones among the seeds from our collection. It is a plant that is relatively sensitive to temperature changes as well as certain nutrient regimes. However the final result of the hard work will give you cannabis, that will make you feel like that very first time you got high on weed.

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