Platinum Cookies is yet another strain representing the Cookie family of cannabis hailing from California, and more precisely from the Bay Area, San Francisco. If you are a fan of an American rap and hip-hop then you probably heard about Cookies in one of many hip-hop songs. Our “Platinum” Cookie is one of many phenotypes of the famous Girl Scour Cookies, but it it characterized with even bigger yields, more potency and a bit more of a fruity, hashy, nutty, earthy aroma, rather then full on flowery sweet-cake like terpenes from the original cut of GSC. Some of you may found that the Platinum Cookies is more of an OG Kush leaning of the Cookies phenotypes when it comes to the power of it's effect.With that being stated, the Platinum Cookies phenotype has earned itself a great the reputation . It is known for its signature mix of orange, purple, and dark green an the fuel-like aroma that is reminiscent of the finest OG strains.

There are a multiple phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies circulating around – the Thin Mints cut ,and the Forum cut are just two best known examples – and even more disagreements about which is the “true original”. However since yet again, the powerhouse genetics of Durban Poison and OG Kush are being put to work in case of the Platinum Cookies be assured of it's potency and a great mark-stamp of a Cookie strain. You can expect similar experience as is the case with our Wedding Cake, Gelato#33 or Do-Si-Dos when it comes to the growth behavior as well as aromas and effects. Since all of them belong to the same family of exclusive genetics. The Platinum cookies is therefore next to our Do-Si-Dos, Black Dog OG or Wifi OG one of the nicest strain for kush lovers. It is also known for its signature mix of orange, purple, and dark green an the fuel-like aroma that is reminiscent of the finest OG strains.The terpene profile of the Platinum Cookies strain seems to oscillate around the slightly piney, fuel-like aroma and its smoke will coat your mouth with flavours for minutes after exhale. Platinum Cookies was a very popular strain among participants of The Emerald Cup which is the biggest and most influential Cannabis Cup in the US.

We chose for the Platinum cut because of it's all encompassing qualities that a professional as well as an amateur cultivator is looking for. That phenotype will always bring you that Cookie fire! Some variations within the phenotypes may occur, so you can expect phenos leaning towards more of an OG side as well those more on the Girl Scout Cookies side. In both cases you will be definitely not disappointed.

The last but not least, all the medicinal cannabis patients can profit from Platinum Cookies' anti-anxiety and anti-pain properties!

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