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So now one can ask himself- what really makes a good weed a good weed? Why are there so many different strains? Why do they all smell different , look different and effect the smoker in many different ways?

Well it can be well said that every human have a different taste, and that all of us have a sweet spot for some very different strain characteristics. Therefore we will probably never find that one strain that will fit every smoker's needs! We may be getting closer and closer with an emergence of strains of the OG Kush, Gelato or Cookies Family, that appear to appeal to the wide public of smokers. What is definitely sure in that respect is that through the genetic breeding we are able to get all those different phenotypes, that contain all the elements that one might need !

Be it for the smell, flavor or effect you sometimes just simply love one given kind of cannabis! Whenever you have a chance to smoke it ,you will always chose it above the other kinds, and you will wonder why can't you always smoke it, because it is so good!

The very wide cannabis genetic pool these days have allowed for the discoveries of many new cannabis strains with the most amazing smells, and flavors. It's due to cross-breeding two different strains (eg.Sativa vs Indica) which in themselves may have totally different characteristics, but in the process of creating of a new hybrid from these two individual strain we will be able to obtain a totally new plant with the combination of both parent's characteristics, plus even more individual traits can can date back to the generations before. That is exactly how we are getting all those different kinds of cannabis.

Why could it be that the US cannabis genetics are superior to the European? At this very moment the hottest spot for the cross-breeding , in-breeding and pheno-hunting for the most special weed is taking place in California (as well as Colorado, Oregon or other legal states). With its long history of it being the “grow-shed of the USA” Californians since decades had access to the most amazing strains of cannabis. For many years strains like OG Kush or Diesel were only available among the 5% of elite growers and consumers. Be it Cypress Hill or Snoop Dogg- they all smoked that “dank” weed 20 years before you did! The illegal growing market had of course also contributed to the spread of amazing genetics be it in a clone or a seed form. Many underground US cultivators, were in a possession of very unique seeds, clones or mother plants of some of the rarest and most sought after genetics of cannabis. These were mostly cultivars that were the result of the beginnings of cross-breeding culture. Many of the landrace strains like Afghani, Thai, Mexican or Colombian were thus crossed with each-other which resulted in many different options regarding the taste, smell, flavor and effect. Usually the sativa dominant strains (like Thai or Mexican) would be used to bring in the higher psychoactive ingredient as well as that exotic, fruity smell that we all love, and on the other spectrum the indica dominant strains would bring in their compact size, and much better developed flowers for bigger harvest. At the end of the day , it is exactly the mixing of those all different genetics is bringing up that fire strains that are killing it at the moment in the dispenseries around the US.

An interesting fact to mention would be here the way in which those landrace genetics from all those exotic places landed in hands of cultivators in Europe and the US? Well, coincidently, a majority of the seeds of the Afghani strains as well as some of the well-known Sativa/Haze plants from Asia, were brought by the US soldiers during the military conflicts in Afghanistan and Vietnam during the second half of the 20th century. That's when the real “mixing” of the genetics started to happen! That's where we have gotten all our legendary Skunk, White Widow, Northern Lights, Haze or Jack Herer strains who for many years were the most known cannabis strains, and these particular strains were the result of the above mentioned cross-breeding within the landrace genepool of those strains and/with their offspring. People like Ed Rosenthal, Kyle Kushman or Jack Herer are the legends among the first pioneers of cannabis cultivation which was aimed at finding that amazing strain of weed that everybody in the world would love. They really did their best, and all their nice strains have gotten well stabilized in the seed form allowing many generations of cultivators to enjoy the early special cannabis. However during all those years many unique mother plants, or seeds have gotten lost.

Exactly these lost plants, seeds, clones, with their unique and ever sought after characteristics, meaning some incredible smell; (eg. Zkittlez, Gelato, Platinum Cookies ) very high THC levels; (eg. Gorilla Glue #4,Do-Si-Dos, Wifi OG, Black Dog OG) or exceptionally broad terpene profile (eg. Lavender x Real Purple Kush, Wedding Cake, Strawberry Banana) or very rare “Haze” genetics; (eg, G13, Mimosa Champagne) are now emerging from the collections that had been hidden from the general public in the past decades. The legal market of California opened the world of the “dankest” and most special cannabis up to date. If you always liked your regular chronic, just think for a moment, how would it feel like to smoke weed that would contain multiple times more of the flavor, effect or look then your standard bud! Become the ‘cannaseur’, and enter the world of exotics and landraces cross-bred in the legality of the US cannabis market.

Hence now after the decades of collecting seeds, clones or pollen from the most exquisite cannabis genetics, mostly in the US the availability of the so called “OG-original genetics” is increasing. The legal market allows the collectors to put forward their secret phenotypes that are making up the best cannabis at the moment.

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