Wedding Cake or also known as Pink Cookies is an Indica dominant cannabis plant. Wedding Cake is a cross between Cherry Pie and the world-famous Girls Scout Cookies. The aroma may vary between the phenotypes. It has a sour, tangy scent. The effect of Wedding Cake is one of the reasons this cannabis strain became very popular in 2019. It has both recreational as well as medicinal values. Wedding Cake will give the user first a cerebral high going in an Indica body effect. The first high is more fast-paced and intense, in the right setting giggles & euphoria are common words used when describing the first effect. When entering the Indica body effect users describe an overall pleasant feeling al over the body. Eventually the effect goes into a couch locked feeling. No wonder this cannabis strain is called wedding cake. It’s a perfect marriage between Indica and Sativa. You can achieve yields between 500-600 g/m2 indoors whilst outdoors you can achieve 500-100 grams per plant in sunny climates. The indoor flowering time is between 63 and 70 days. Wedding cake was tested on her THC value and results has shown that 25% isn’t so hard to achieve.

Wedding Cake

€ 60,00Prijs
  • Genetics: Indica dominant    
    Crossing: Cherry Pie x Cookies (F2)    
    Flowering time indoor: 63-70 days   
    Height indoor: 100-150cm  
    Yield indoor: 500-600 g/m2   
    Lifecycle outdoor: 7 months    
    Height outdoor: 150-200cm   
    Yield outdoor: 500-1000 g/plant 
    THC percentage: 25%

  • The Netherlands: €5.95
    Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech republic: €9.95
    Rest of the world: €19.95