Sunset Driver



60% Indica 40% Sativa


Sundae Driver #2 x Sunset Sherbert BX

Flowering time indoor:

56/70 days

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:


Lifecycle outdoor:

End September-october

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

550-800 g/plant

THC percentage:


Our seed offer could not be full and sophisticated with a cross with a famous Sundae Driver strain bred by one of the hottest, most stable and forward thinking breeders from Colorado- the Cannarado Genetics. It’s a cross made from Fruity Pebbles OG and a Grape Pie, which is also playing a big part in the genetics on the Gelato/Cookies spectrum, but then a little bit more fuel, burnt rubber, gas and grape vanilla type of terpenes. Sundae Driver is also known for it’s amazing appearance. It produces big buds, with pronounced dark green, purple calyxes, a real eye candy strain.

The Sunset Driver is therefore an upgraded version of a famed Sundae Driver due to the combination with the one and only Sunset Sherbet genetics ! The famous Sunset Sherbert is responsible for creation of many fantastic modern, exotic cannabis strains in California. The overwhelming danky smell and the soaring high from Sunset Sherbet already made a strain a  future classic and a legendary status. It seems that anything crossed with this lady will produce offspring that will carry all the best that cannabis has to offer. The same is in case of the Sunset Driver strain. Masterfully chosen Sundae Driver#2 was crossed into a Sunset Sherbet bx, which resulted in the very stable hybrid. All the genetical characteristics are perfectly displayed in the strain. When it comes to its vigor and good yields ,with very dense flowers from the Sundae Driver side, and the Gelato/Cookies terpene profile as well as high THC content from the Sunset Sherbet is bringing in another new level in the cannabis culture.

Sunset Driver is relatively easy strain to grow. It reacts well to the Low Stress Training and it is fast in the vegetative phase. When trained it tends to not to stretch too much, so you should not have a problem with keeping her low height. It can be finished with flowering at around 63 days but taking her a week longer will result in even better developed trichome heads and more pronounced effects.

This strain is definitely one of our favorites as well due to its versatility. Not only it looks good, tastes amazing , but it produces quite a substantial yield too. Because of her very mellow, calming and happy body effects Sunset Driver can be used medicinally to treat insomnia, pain, anxiety, PTSD and other health issues.