wedding cake



Indica dominant    


Cherry Pie x Cookies (F2)

Flowering time indoor:

63-70 days

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:

500-600 g/m2

Lifecycle outdoor:

7 months    

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

500-1000 g/plant

THC percentage:


Yet another already legendary US strain in our collection is called  Wedding Cake. As it is usually the case with our seed line ,it is precisely the exclusive genetics which create all those amazing strains and speak for themselves. Without a doubt that  same applies to the Wedding Cake! It must be one of the most popular strains in the legal marijuana states at the moment, and since its short life it already had established itself among the most preferred strains to smoke and to grow.


Wedding Cage is generally considered to be an Indica dominant hybrid. It is bred by a great breeders team from Seed Junky Genetics, which are responsible for many of the most sought after exotic strains characterized not only by an exceptional flavor, smell and bag appearance but mostly due to the effects and the high THC content. The creations of the Seed Junky Genetics are always very frosty. Wedding Cake is no exception even though it belongs to one of the first amazing crosses that started to appear in the US in recent years.


Wedding Cake is believed to initially be a Triangle Mints #3 (or Triangle Mints#33 or Pink Cookies). It was an outstanding cross of a legendary clone-only mother cut of Triangle Kush with an Animal Mints( or a Cookies F2 pheno)  pollen that constitutes of creating many amazing strains that are taking over California and other legal states. As is usually the case with any strain, there are always many phenotypes of it circulating around, and very often it is difficult to point out one, original cut. However, in the case of genetics behind the Wedding Cage, which in general can be said is Cherry Pie, Triangle Kush/OG Kush, Durban Poison and Cookies F2 (being a represantation of all the characterictic Cookie family of strains).


Once when this cross has established itself among the best of US cultivators, among which the famous Jungle Boys ( one of the most famous growers in California) had renamed to Wedding Cake for it’s amazingly intense tarty, cake like aromas. The powerful and stable genes coming from the above mentioned parental lineages guarantees plenty of firey phenotypes whether you work with regular as well as feminized seeds. Therefore there has been many different pheno’s of Wedding Cake circulating around. One of the most known phenotypes of it has been popularized by Jungle Boys who created multiple crosses of it.


Our Wedding Cake, is a Indica Dominant Hybrid represents the original breeding project that resulted in this cake, tart terpene profile. This strain will produce high yields, is moderate diccifult to grow, with a medium size, but produces a great harvest. The THC levels may reach up to 25%, even the least frosty phenotypes are ranging around 20% THC. Covered in thousends of trichomes, Wedding Cake’s dense buds are very uniform in color and shape.


The Wedding Cake strain is characterized by its large, vibrant bud clusters which are dense and bulbous, typical of indica strains, and are full of bright orange pistils and tightly curled leaves. It is usually growing a main big cola, with very frosty side flowers. The stretch is rather regular. Training it in the growth phase will increase the yields. Morevoer  Wedding Cake is a perfect strain for making extractions and concentrates. Everything about this cross makes her an absolute gem to have in the garden. Wedding Cake promises to be one of the most refined cannabis growing experiences you’ll ever have,


If you are a regular /or a connoisseur cannabis enthusiast looking for a strain that brings up that incredible sense of relaxation and relatively enhanced perception, then look no further than Wedding Cake. With its potent mix of mind and body effects provided by the parents of the best lineages, it's outstanding cake like flabour guarantees this sweet-sounding strain will become one of the most popular strains around in 202 among the Chronic & Caviar cultivators