wifi og



Indica dominant    


Fire OG x The White 

Flowering time indoor:

56-63 days   

Height indoor:


Yield indoor:

500-660 g/m2 

Lifecycle outdoor:

7 months    

Height outdoor:


Yield outdoor:

500-660 g/m2 

THC percentage:


No, Wifi OG has nothing to do with your wireless internet connection. It can however very well enable you to connect to your inner-peace thanks to its long lasting and powerfully relaxing effects known to the family of all the Kush lovers. Wifi OG's name is derived of the names of it's parental line of some great OG Kush cuts from California and Florida. Even more to that is that Wifi OG's parents are one of the most legendary OG kush cuts. It has been developed in the Southern California already in the first part of the 2000's, and it is a cross of the Fire OG and the legendary cut of The White. Up until very recently the proper Wifi OG cuts were only available to the elite group of people in California's cannabis scene. The combination of the parents genetic lineage resulted in a great strain that many were looking for. Obviously as is the case with any strain, it comes with multiple phenotypes, however the variety among the pheno's appears to reach the levels that will not disappoint any real OG heads, when it comes to the dense look, really white, trichomey, powdery looks, and super long lasting effects! You can always expect very dense, solid buds of the OG goodness filled with pine, earthy, citrusy and minty terpene profiles that are so well known and loved among the original genetics of the Kush strains.


Amazingly uplifting but at the same deeply powerful effect, which comes on strongly from the first hit and stays around for well over 3 hours.  It's felt immediately  but doesn't make the eyes feel squinty or dry, but rather just provides a constantly pulsing pressure and warmth which is pleasant to most patients.  Mentally it's just a strain that wipes away stress and tensions and provides a humorous, light-hearted mood elevation which is very smooth and without any anxiety or raciness. or raciness. What is a predominant effect as well is the sense of awareness and focus is raised. This strain can be definitely used as a creative tool for your work, study or any productive activitiy!


The THC levels of around 20%-33% match White Fire in most phenotypes, so novice consumers should be considerate of this strain's exceptional potency. Always start low and build your way up in order to prevent an occurance of any unwanted side-effects. However an OG Kush bred from the original genetics like those in the case given, will rarely make unexperienced users anxious or mentally unpleasant. What is also an interesting characteristics of the WIFI OG is that despite super high levels of THC it also appears to reach CBD levels average at a solid 5% (depending on a given phenotype)  - making this strain popular in the medical community. Its high is known for its ability to sedate after placing the consumer in a state of euphoria. This strain can alleviate insomnia as well as bodily aches and pains, providing a great night’s sleep; and as mentioned before-  free of both mental and physical stressAlso the CBD's ability to counteract the negative side-effects of the long-term overuse of the THC can beautifully help the user to remain balanced on a neural level.


The hobby collector/cultuvator will find  many pearls among the different phenotypes of Wifi OG which stay true to the strain’s profile in various degrees. For example, you may find plants with traditional , small nuggety OG barrel-shaped budss - staying true to its original genetics - or a more conical shape, which recent breeders have begun implementing into their breeding techniques. The aroma and taste may vary slightly as well and is continuously being improved upon. The WIFI OG was also responsible for that specific  type of genetic variation in cannabis that has spurred celebrities like Wiz Khalifa to develop their own brand of Kush - see Khalifa Kush.